Rajnikanth to fledge as a politician, launching party in January

Film Icon, Rajinikanth to launch a political party in January, just five months prior to the Tamil Nadu election. He has promised to lead a state with a ‘wonder and miracle’ through achieving ‘spiritual secular politics’ with no caste or religious barrier.

Rajnikanth took to Twitter to inform, “We will surely win the assembly polls and give honest, transparent, corruption-free, spiritual secular politics without caste, creed, or religion. A wonder and miracle will definitely happen.” He used hashtags like, “It’s now or never” and “We will change and we will change everything.”


He reported to an NDTV reporter, “I am ready to sacrifice even my life for the sake of Tamil people….It is now or never. If I win it will be the people’s victory, even if I lose it will be their defeat.”

By stating his plans, he has put years of speculation to rest. This decision was publicized three days after he met with senior bearers of his forum, the Rajni Makkal Mandram.

He informed reports outside his Pose Garden home, “District office bearers expressed their opinions. They have said they will agree to whatever decision I make. I will announce my decision as soon as possible.”