Rahul Vaidya is keen on having Daler Mehendi for his sangeet

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Rahul Vaidya has expressed his wish to have singer Daler Mehendi for his sangeet ceremony. He also revealed details about the wedding.


Rahul Vaidya revealed some details about his wedding and said that it will be a Hindu wedding with havans and pheras. He added that nothing has been confirmed yet but he really wishes to have singer Daler Mehendi at his sangeet ceremony. Singer Rahul Vaidya is about to tie a knot with actress Disha Parmar on July 16.

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, he said, “It’s a proper Hindu wedding with havan and the pheras. There is this band called Wedding Chants – what they basically do is they recite all the shlokas, and then explain them to people about what exactly is happening in the rituals. And since they happen to be very close friends, they have actually composed a special Gurbani Shabad, so we are going to have a recital of that too.”

Rahul added, “There is no confirmation on that (Daler Mehendi attending the sangeet function). I’ll be honest with you. I am really keen on having him, but let’s see who comes and who doesn’t. My wedding is in three days now, and my outfits got finalized just yesterday. My guest list is also still not done, so you can imagine how crazy it has been. I wish it was non-Covid times because I would have actually liked to invite my whole world around me, as that is one day I want everybody to be a part of. However, we can do only what we can do. So I am inviting limited people, and believe me it has been very difficult to make the guest list as deciding on whom not to invite has been very very difficult.”

The couple celebrated their first pre-wedding ritual, Mehendi, on Wednesday night. A few days ago, Disha had also shared pictures from her bachelorette party, celebrated with her friends, on her Instagram handle.