R Madhavan clarifies his stance on Baba ka Dhaba controversy; criticises the YouTuber couple

The actor criticised the YouTuber couple for duping the Dhaba owner. He expressed his faith in Delhi Police on Twitter.


Actor R Madhavan took to Twitter on Monday to address the recent controversy of Baba ka Dhaba and YouTuber Gaurav Wasan. The Dhaba owner Mr. Kanta Prasad recently filed a complaint in Delhi against the YouTuber for misappropriating the donations received for Prasad and his wife after Gaurav’s video of them went viral.

Expressing his views about the controversy, Madhavan wrote, “Elderly owner of Baba ka Dhaba duped in Delhi? Now this is the kind of thing that gives ppl a reason not to do good. Unacceptable. Now if this fraud couple is caught and punished ..FAITH will be restored .. @DelhiPolice full faith in you.”

However, soon after the tweet was made, netizens criticised the actor for bashing the poor couple when they were allegedly deceived by the YouTuber. Many asserted that the actor has commented on the news without reading it thoroughly.

Later, Madhavan clarified that in his tweet he was referring to the couple who duped Kanta Prasad. He mentioned that he was accusing the YouTuber couple and not the Dhaba owner. He wrote, “DITTO —You please read the article carefully too.. NO ONE IS CALLING THE POOR OLD COUPLE ANYTHING… it’s the couple who took the funds on their behalf. ठीक से पढ़ाना यार।”


In October, Malviya Nagar’s roadside eatery ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ garnered popularity online after YouTuber Gaurav Wasan shared a video of Prasad and his wife. In the video, Prasad broke down into tears while complaining about the lack of customers at the eatery. Soon the video went viral, multiple Bollywood celebrities shared it on social media and urged people to pay a visit to the eatery. As a result, many people also donated money for the cause.