Priyanka Chopra shares adorable pictures of daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas while they shop

Priyanka Chopra and her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas are currently in New Jersey.

Priyanka currently attended the Met Gala and the Love Again movie premiere in New York. The celeb, who has been around the world to promote her most recent films, such as Citadel, shared a number of adorable pictures of her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas taken at their home on Sunday.


Malti along with her parents, Priyanka and Nick Jonas, made her first appearance in front of the public in January of this year. On January 30 in Los Angeles, they attended the Jonas Brothers’ Hollywood Walk of Fame event. The one-year-old sat on Priyanka’s lap.

Since Malti’s birthday in January 2022, Priyanka and Nick have frequently shared pictures of their daughter, but they either cropped Malti’s face with an emoji or had her turn away from the camera. That added to the specialness of her making her public debut in behalf of her.

Priyanka Chopra captioned the images she posted on Instagram with “Saturday done right” after sharing them. The first image showed Malti in Priyanka’s arms as they browsed a sizable store for stuffed animals.

Priyanka was dressed in grey casuals and a white cap, while Malti was wearing a sweet pink and white frock with gold earrings. The following two pictures were taken at home and included Malti. In one photograph, she played with a little hot dog stand, and another she was joined by her relatives and friends, including Valentina, the daughter of Kevin and Danielle Jonas. Additionally, there was a photo of a pet dog.

Malti has been seen frequently in Priyanka’s posts, including the one from her recent trip to Mumbai. Malti travelled to India for the first time. Nick accompanied them. In an interview with Extra TV last month, Priyanka spoke candidly about her daughter Malti’s first trip to Mumbai, stating that it was Malti’s first time in India.

Malti had never been to Mumbai. She enjoys it. She adored every aspect of it, including the views, noises, cuisine, and visits to her nani’s house, which is my mom’s house. She admired every aspect of it.