Preity Zinta visits Hateshwari Mata temple with her family – WATCH

Preity Zinta has recently shared photos and videos from her recent visit to Shimla’s Hateshwari Mata temple. She travelled with her husband, Gene Goodenough, their children, Jeh and Gia, and other family members.

Sharing the post on Twitter, Preity wrote, “When I was a little girl I often visited the Hateshwari Mata temple in Hatkoti, Shimla – Himachal Pradesh. This temple has played a big role in my childhood & I’ve always felt very connected to it. Now that I’m a mother its only natural that the first temple my kids visited was this incredible & ancient temple. Here’s a sneak peek of our visit. I’m sure Jai & Gia will not remember this trip so we will have to come back again because mother will call me again. Jai Ma Durga – Jai Mahisasurmardini. If any of you get a chance to visit do not miss it. It’s magical, mysterious & stunning beautiful & yes you can thank me later.”


Preity wore a yellow suit to the temple and a golden dupatta over her head. Gene was dressed in a black shirt and black trousers. They also brought their two children in their arms inside the temple to participate in rituals.

Preity and Gene Goodenough married in Los Angeles on February 29, 2016. In 2021, the couple became parents to twins.Preity wrote in 2021, after the birth of her children via surrogacy, that she wanted to share their good news with everyone. Gene and she are thrilled, and their hearts are overflowing with gratitude and love as they welcome their twins, Jai Zinta Goodenough and Gia Zinta Goodenough into their family. Preity recently expressed concern about her children’s safety. She turned to social media last month to post a lengthy statement about her child’s alleged harassment in Mumbai.