Nora Fatehi looks stunning in a bejewelled catsuit

Nora Fatehi dazzles with the power of a thousand stars when dressed perfectly to embrace her inner diva.

It’s needless to say much about Nora Fatehi’s dancing skills. Her style resembles that as well. Her appearance on the cover story of Lifestyle Asia magazine, which aptly showcases her diverse skill set, is not surprising. Without her signature high-octane glamour, it wouldn’t be a Nora Fatehi cover. Her exquisitely jewelled catsuit, designed by Kuwaiti designer Yousef Al Jasmi, was only one of the many beautiful aspects of the cover shot. This is Nora-approved because of the sheer panel on the neckline, which displays and conceals just enough. If her self-assurance and attitude don’t convey enough fierceness, we bet wearing a leopard-print jacket will.

A leopard-print handbag is a further possession from behind-the-scenes photos that will persuade you of her fierce side. This dancer-turned-actor’s defining look is her hairdo and makeup. She uses gentle, understated glam to find the appropriate balance, regardless of how daring she may go with her sense of style.


We haven’t come across anyone who experimented with fashion more skillfully than Nora Fatehi. It appeared nearly tailor-made to look upon the diva wrapped in a fluffy pink Falguni Shane Peacock attire. In the most fashionable way conceivable, the good life returns to her when she wears sunglasses and Bulgari jewellery.

A maxi dress with an animal design and a slit in it could be the perfect way to clear up any last doubts you may have about how fiercely stylish Nora Fatehi can be. It was only a matter of time until Nora Fatehi stepped onto the wild and trendy side when Roberto Cavalli’s unique design language which features strong animal patterns, motifs, and golden elements entered her closet.

The amazing style of Nora Fatehi can be as simple or as complex as desired, but it is always stunning.