My success, my failure is mine : Faissal Khan on taking help from Superstar brother Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s brother, Faissal Khan is about to make his comeback in the film industry after a long time. His debut directorial ‘Faactory’ is slated to hit the theatres on 3rd September.

Aamir Khan is a worldwide known superstar encompassing several foreign countries where he has a strong fanbase. But not everybody who comes in films gets a similar kind of success. Maybe this is the reason Mumbai is called ‘Mayanagari’ or ‘City of Dreams’. Apart from talent fate also has a large role to play in getting the desired recognition from the audience. One such case is of Aamir Khan’s Brother Faissal Khan. The brother duo has a similar face but not destiny.

Many people don’t even know in which Faissal Khan starred. Faissal started his career in Bollywood as a child actor in the 1969 film, Pyar Ka Mausam where he played the child part of Shashi Kapoor’s character. But his first film with him as a lead actor came in 1994 in Madhosh. But since then the path to success and fame has not been easy. Due to the poor performance of his films at the box office and the lack of audience’s attraction towards him, he slowly disappeared from the industry.

But Faissal is making his comeback with his first directorial named, “Faactory”. While speaking to IANS during the promotions of the film, when he was asked about taking help from Aamir, he answered, “No, I did not ask help to build my career from Aamir. I wanted to do things by myself because whatever it is, my success, my failure is mine. He is my brother, he wishes well for me but I had to go through a dark phase, that is part of my journey. That is my life.”

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