‘My career was like my doll, was afraid someone would snatch it’: Govinda concealed his marriage to protect his career

The actor Govinda was afraid that the news of his marriage will sabotage his career in the film industry.

Today Govinda and his wife Sunita are estimated as the stable couple in Bollywood. Regardless, Govinda admitted that he had kept his wedding a secret for almost a year as he was afraid to lose his fan following, he thought that his marital status would be dangerous for his career.

It has already been 36 years for Govinda and his wife Sunita as a married couple. Govinda was marking his place in Bollywood when he fell in love with Sunita and the actor got approval from his mother who wanted Sunita to be just a wife for her son Govinda. After their marriage, Govinda did not reveal the news about him being married to Sunita out of fear of losing his fan following and slowing down his career in the film industry as an actor.

In a chat show ‘Rendezvous’ with Simi Garewal, Govinda and Sunita had opened up about their love story and how they got married secretly. Govinda uncovered that he kept his wedding a secret until the birth of their daughter Tina. “People had scared me that my girls write me love letters and loves me so much, I would lose my image and my fan following,” stated Govinda.

The host Simi Garewal later asked him if it really mattered to him to that question Govinda refused and said, “I don’t think so, it was more of my mistake.”

Govinda expressed that in that one year he and his wife hardly went out as he was scared that someone would ask him about his marital status, Govinda said, “I used to run away, I would slip out, I always thought that person was sent by someone (to enquire) who would sabotage my career.”

At that point of time, my career had become like my doll. I was afraid someone would snatch my doll.” he added.

While Sunita first denied feeling bad about it but Govinda accepted that she did feel bad sometimes. “Sah jana bhi ek kala hoti hai, jaise ki nibhana, isne ajhe se nabhaya (to bear is also an art, like maintaining a relationship, she maintained it well).” praised his wife.

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