Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson-What to watch if your like Rowan Atkinson

British actor, Rowan Atkinsons must-watch movies and TV shows, if you are a fan of Rowan Atkinson.

From all the famously known names in physical comedy, starting from Charlie Chaplin to Chris Farley, Rowan Atkinson who played Mr.Bean easily serves a place on the list. The British actor writer and producer earned his place the moment he starred in his debut as Mr.Bean.A character created in the late 1980s, created by the actor along with filmmaker Richard Curtis, who would further in his career cast his longtime writing partner in films of his own, such as Love Actually (2003 film). From many of Rowan Atkinson’s movies and TV shows, this is just one of them that comes under a must for any fan of such iconic and somewhat of an underrated talent(going by today’s standards).

Few other movies and shows that come by as a must-watch for Rowan Atkinson’s show of talent, and of his greatest achievements-




Playing a sniveling,self-center Duke of Edinburgh, Rowan Atkinson plays his characters with utmost glory, getting into the bumbling schemes of the characters. He and his descendants are seen as the focus of this long-running collection of miniseries.

This series becomes worth catching, as being an originally Shakespearean satire from the created Richard Curtis, Blackadder grows into a complete franchise of hilarious takes of revisionist history. And all this starred and co-written by Rowan Atkinson himself. This series can be viewed on the Hulu platform.


Four Weddings And A Funeral (Amazon Prime, Showtime, Pluto TV)

Hugh Grant plays a young, British bachelor, who goes round to attend several social occasions over a short period of time, and each time becomes even more convinced of his feeling toward American women (Andie McDowell)

Now imagine what would happen if Mr.Bean became a wedding officiant. he would have essentially had you Rowan Atkinson’s scene-stealing performance in the movie-the classic 19994 romantic comedy, and the same also earned Akitinsons’ frequent collaborator, Richard Curis, an Academy Aawae=d for Best Original Screenplay. This makes the film worth watching, now available on Amazon Prime.


The Thin Blue Line(Amazon Rental)

The storyline follows an uptight British inspector who struggles to maintain order at the police station that he is in charge of, in spite of the bumbling members of his staff.

Why this is a worth show checking out of you like Rowan Atkinson: One of Rowan Atkinson’s work Blackadder’s writes, Ben Elton, created the Thin Blue Line. This crime TV show ran up to two seasons in the mid-1990s and Rowan Altinson stars as the lead and surprisingly seems to be one of the more competent characters of the cast. This is available to watch on Amazon Rental in a few regions.


The Lion King (Disney Hotstar+)

A lion (Matthew Broderick) is seen to return to his home in African Pride Lands for the purpose of reclaiming the throne from his corrupt uncle after learning the real reason behind his father’s death.

This is a must-watch from Rowan Aktinsons’ contribution to the entertainment society. He lends his voice to one of the most acclaimed Disney animated movies,1994’s The Lion King, as comic relief: Zazu, the red-bellied hornbill. This character serves as Mustafa’s royal advisor.