Money Heist’s ‘The Professor’ thanks Indian audience for loving the show, expresses his desire to come to India

The Professor is undoubtedly one of the loved characters in La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist. Recently the first volume of the fifth season, also the final season aired on Netflix. Alvaro Morte who played ‘The Professor’ in a promotional interview with HT City talked about the love which he received from Indian and wishes to come to India.

The world-acclaimed, Spanish show, La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist has returned for its fifth and final season on Netflix. The show is loved in all parts of the globe crazily by the viewers. Since the fourth season ended premiering last year, fans have been trading hashtags of the MoneyHeist and The Professor on social media. In India too, the show has a huge fanbase with several Bollywood celebrities watching the show as well. All the characters are superb but ‘The Professor’ surely rules the heart of viewers more than anyone. His charisma, detailed planning and mystery around him always keeps the viewers rooting for him.

Recently during the promotion of the first volume of the fifth season of the show, Alvaro Morte the actor who plays ‘The Professor’ thanks to the audience for the love the show has received. Talking to HT City expresses his love for the Indian audience, wishing to come to India someday. He said, “I have been wishing to go to India (for a long time). Everyone that I know has been there, and comes absolutely shocked by the country, its culture, people and food. I also appreciate all the demonstrations of the fans in India through social media. The response that the show got from India is absolutely unbelievable. I thank everyone for that,”

Talking about the show, Alvaro said that it’s time to say goodbye to the show. The show gave him the limelight to the global audience. But he doesn’t want to stick to the character, instead wants the audience to receive him well in other roles as well. He added, “The audience is so intelligent that I consider, and hope and assume, that they will be able to see me doing all the (other) works, and separate the image of The Professor”

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