Minissha Lamba reveals being cheated on by an actor, decided never to date from Bollywood

Actor Minissha Lamba has taken a decision to not date anyone from the film industry after being cheated on by an actor that she was in a relationship with.

Actor Minissha Lamba, is back to making headlines as she indicated that she was cheated on by an actor with whom she was in a relationship with, but she indicated the reason to his flirting nature, rather than his profession. She also revealed that she has decided not to date anyone from the film industry again.

In a talk with radio anchor Siddharth Kannan, Minissha was asked if she had qualms about dating actors because she was cheated on. “The reason why I would always shy away from wanting to date anyone from the industry, not just actors, was just this. Because there is so much temptation around all the time. I don’t want to say anything because there are a lot of people who are dating actors and it is not right to make a statement that will hurt somebody. But this was a decision that I took for myself and I would rather not. Because relationships, I feel, already are so difficult,” she said.

On being questioned about cheated on by an actor, Minissha said, “In one relationship which I had with an actor, yes. But I think only because the personality of the person was such that they were a big flirt.”

Presently, Minissha Lamba is in a relationship with someone, whose identity she has kept private. She was formerly married to restaurateur Ryan Tham but got separated last year.

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