Maniesh Paul rushes to Delhi to meet his parents amid the COVID-19 second wave

As soon as, city uplifted the unlock procedure the actor Maniesh Paul rushes to hometown to meet his parents, says, “My parents were really missing me, mainly my mother”.

Maniesh Paul, born 3 August 1981 is an Indian television host, anchor and actor. He started up as a Radio jockey and VJ, he moved to act before taking up stand-up comedy and hosting. In his recent interview with Hindustan Times, the ‘Mickey Virus’ actor has talked about hurrying to his hometown Delhi soon after the second wave city went under unlock cycles to meet his parents.

Maniesh Paul said to Hindustan Times, “My parents were really missing me, mainly my mother. As it had been a long rift since we all were together, I decided to fly down to join them. While earlier due to the increasing cases it was not cautious and advisable to travel, now due to the fall in cases and unlock beginning across the country, I decided to come to spend the moment with my parents.”

He further adds, “Earlier, we never even noticed how simple it was to do particular things, like travelling, we would just take a flight and visit our parents and come back. Now, even that feels like such a huge task”.

Staying away from his family for such a long duration was not easy for him, he confesses, but he didn’t want to be a risk and risk for his parent’s health.

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