Love Scope actress Deana Dia is a fitness freak

Bollywood is one of the most competitive industries in the world. In order to maintain a good form and style, it becomes quite mandatory for most celebrities to look fit to make a style statement.

One such actress is Deana Dia who has earlier rocked the fashion industry and is all set to appear in the forthcoming movie Love Scope.


It can be safely claimed that Deana is one of the fittest celebrities in Bollywood. So what does she actually do to keep fit? Deana reveals, “I put on weight very easily. So for me, workout and diet are very important aspects in my day-to-day life.”

She explains that she follows cardio as well as weight training. “Cardio plays a very important role, in which I prefer running, zumba, spinning, cross training and even kick boxing and skipping at times. This helps me burn extra calories. But for a toned body, I love to do weight training.”

Deana divulges that for flexibility, she also does a mix of yoga and aerial yoga. “This helps my mind, body and soul to relax and rejuvenate.” As far as diet goes, she prefers homemade food, “but only with all nutritional values” she adds with a wink.

And now the big questions. Since all gyms are closed in lockdowns, how does she cope? “Well, lockdowns have had their effect in everyone’s life in different ways,” quips Deana. “Since it’s difficult to replicate the complete gym atmosphere and setup at home, I’m not able to do high intense workouts and the regular variety of cardio and weight lifting. But I do manage with a lot of functional training, jogging and a bit of weights,” she says.

Last but not the least, Deana adds that during the lockdowns she has been focusing more on diet. “Because the intensity of workouts is less, it becomes all the more important to monitor the food intake and burn calories.”

Check out some of Deana Dia’s exercise videos below and get blown over by her dedication for fitness.