Late Bollywood Legend Dev Anand’s iconic Juhu home has been sold for Rs 400 crores

According to a report in Hindustan Times, late Bollywood legend Dev Anand’s famed Juhu residence has apparently been sold to a real estate firm and would be destroyed to make way for a 22-story structure.

When Dev Anand decided to construct his house in Juhu in 1950, few people were familiar with the neighbourhood. He stated in past interviews that Juhu was his choice due of the area’s breathtaking natural beauty. However, Juhu has lost its former peaceful appeal as it has grown congested and busy with activities over time.


A source close to the development shared, “Dev Anand’s Juhu bungalow has been sold to a real estate company. The deal is also done and paperwork is going on. It has been sold for approximately ₹350-400 crores as it’s a prime location with bungalows of prominent industrialists in the locality.” The source further mentioned, “Actors like Madhuri Dixit Nene and Dimple Kapadia also once lived in the apartments around the bungalow. The place will now be replaced by a 22 floors long tower.”

There was reportedly no one to take care of the bungalow, where Dev Anand lived for close to 40 years, therefore the decision was taken to sell it. The source revealed, “His son Suniel stays is US whereas daughter Devina lives in Ooty along with mother Kalpana Kartik. There is no one in Mumbai to take care of the property and hence they have taken the decision to sell off the bungalow. In fact, they had also sold some property in Panvel, Maharashtra for the same reason.”

Another source told the news portal that the proceeds from the sale of Dev Anand’s studio ten years ago were used to purchase three apartments. “One was given to Suniel, another to Devina and third to his wife Kalpana. So for the Juhu property also, everyone will get the share,” said the source.