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‘Age has liberated me’: Lara Dutta expresses her take on changing roles for women in the industry

The actor opens up on the stereotypical roles that women got in her early 30s. The change in female lead roles is now seen in the industry.


Actor Lara Dutta made her debut in Bollywood with Andaaz in 2003. She starred in movies such as No Entry, Housefull, Partner, Azhar, Welcome to New York, Masti, Bhagam Bhag, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Singh is Bliing and Chalo Dilli and Don 2. However, she was recently seen in Bellbottom, web show Hiccups and Hookuups, and Kaun Banega Shikharwati.

In an interview, the actor expressed her views on the types of role that a female, mainly 35-55 year-old used to get. She said, “Honestly, age has liberated me. Since I have come into my 40s, I am finally doing age-appropriate roles and I am finally playing the kind of characters that I have always wanted to portray as an actor. You know, I’ve never been somebody who’s come into the industry saying that I want to be the leading lady or that I want to be a hero. I wanted to be an actor and we’re finally getting those kinds of roles being written for us. I honestly believe the cohort of women between the ages of 35 and 55 years was never addressed. Nothing was made on them.”

She also mentioned how earlier women got basic stereotypical role. As she said, “Either you play that long-sacrificing mother or that pati-vrata (husband-adoring wife) lady, but that’s such (expletive)! Pardon my French, but you get so tired of being tasked with such roles … At some point when I entered my 30s, I just got tired of playing the same kind of characters. And so that sabbatical when my daughter was born … was a blessing in disguise.”


The actor considers herself as incredibly lucky who has recently got some female lead roles. Lara Dutta believes that the industry has taken a new turn, where women are acknowledged with heroic roles too.