KRK Calls Mika Singh ‘Chirkut Singer’ after he made comments on him on the defamation case

KRK slammed singer Mika Singh for attacking him and supporting the actor in the defamation case.

Kamaal R Khan, better known as KRK, the actor and self-proclaimed critic, has slammed singer Mika Singh for attacking him and protecting the actor in the defamation case. KRK, without naming anybody, attacked the ‘chirkut singer’ in the new tweet, claiming he was looking for limelight. His post came after Mika referred to him as a ‘gadha (donkey)’ and a ‘chuha (mouse).’

He tweeted, “Now a Chirkut Singer wants to jump in the matter to get publicity. But I won’t give him. Kood Beta, Jitna Koodna Hai. Tujhe Toh Bhav Bilkul Nahi Doonga! Kyonki Teri Aukaat Hi Nahi Hai (Son, get excited all you want. I will not give you attention at all because you do not have the stature for it)”


Mika, who has worked on multiple projects with Salman Khan, recently called out KRK for launching ‘personal assaults.’ He told Bollywood Spy,  “I am surprised that Salman bhai waited so long to file a case against him. Donkeys like him should be tamed as soon as possible… He always makes personal attacks, which is wrong.”

Meanwhile, Salman has sued KRK for slander. While KRK claimed that the case was prompted by a negative review of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, Salman’s lawyers stated that it was prompted by KRK’s charges of corruption and money laundering against the actor.

After Salman’s team brought him a defamation lawsuit, he asked legendary screenwriter Salim Khan to have his son dismiss the complaint. He also stated that he will not assess Salman’s films in the future, alleging that his evaluation was “very much impacted” by the star. However, he then removed the tweets and reversed his position.He wrote on Twitter, “Normally I don’t review the film if producer-director or actor of the film asks me to not review it. But Now if this man will request me, or even touch my feet also, still I will review his each film and each song. Satyamev Jayate! Jai Hind!”