Kriti Sanon upset with the paparazzi for unethical reporting of late actor Sidharth Shukla’s death

Bollywood actress showcased her angry avatar to media people for their unethical reporting of the funeral scenes of Sidharth Shukla. Comedian Zakir Khan also followed Kriti Sanon and bashed such journalists and news portals for immoral reporting of the event.

Actor Sidharth Shukla’s death shocked his fans and the entire film fraternity. The kind of fitness goals he set, no one ever expected him to meet such an end. He was cremated on 3rd September 2021 which was attended by her family members, girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill, co-finalist in Bigg Boss Asim Riaz and many other well-wishers. The views of the funeral let tears run down of even rock hearted people. Shehnaaz was uncontrollable while she kept weeping looking at Sidharth’s body, Asim Riaz was sitting still under heavy rain and who can forget her mother’s grief. While all this was happening, what felt immoral and unethical to many celebrities like Kriti Sanon and comedian Zakir Naik was that media crossed the limits of insensitivity and immorality.

We all saw how paparazzi forced their mics onto Shehnaaz while she was leaving for the crematorium. Even Sidharth’s dead body wrapped in white cloth was shot by them. The pics of the funeral also went viral where Sidharth’s body was about to go for the last rituals. This raised concern about the media’s role and its responsibility to respect the privacy of the family and well-wishers. Kriti even posted a story on her Instagram where she wrote, “Breaks my heart to see our media, photographers and even online portals being so insensitive. Shameful! This isn’t “News”, nor is it “Entertainment”! Draw some boundaries! Have a conscience! Said it before, Saying it again! STOP covering funerals! Stop hounding people who are dealing with personal loss by flashing your camera in their face at their most vulnerable time ! And for what? A few posts? Online portals and channels are equally at fault” Take a stand, DON’T post those pictures and videos ! Stop faking sensitivity by just writing “Heartbreaking” in the captions of such inhuman insensitive posts. ”

Let’s look at Kriti’s story:

Picture Credits : Instagram

Famous comedian Zakir Khan also expressed his opinion in an Instagram story where he said, “woh tumhe insaan nahi samajhte (They do not consider you a human)”.

Zakir’s post on Instagram:

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