Kiara Advani replaces Katrina Kaif to become the Brand Ambassador for Slice, Netizens say 'woh maza nahi aaya' | Business Upturn

Kiara Advani replaces Katrina Kaif to become the Brand Ambassador for Slice, Netizens say ‘woh maza nahi aaya’

Many people compared actress Katrina Kaif to Kiara Advani when she tweeted a clip from an advertisement. This is why.


On Friday, Kiara Advani took Katrina Kaif’s place as the new face of the mango drink company Slice, replacing her as the star of its advertising. Kiara shared the footage of herself in the new ad on her Instagram account. Although though the actor’s new avatar was well-liked by many, some others missed Katrina.

Kiara enters the scene in the new commercial carrying a bottle of the mango drink. She is dressed in a yellow skirt and shirt with ruffles on one shoulder. She coaxes a boy who is seated at a table next to her to drink by making fun of him and offering him a drink.

The video included a close-up image of Kaira’s lips as she sips the beverage, virtually evoking thoughts of Katrina Kaif’s former viral advertisement for the same company. Sharing the video, Kiara wrote, “Aisi khusbhoo, aisa ras @slice_india bana hai raseele aamon se bas! Kya aapne Slice try kiya(Such smell and taste, it’s made of juicy mangoes. Have you tried it yet)?”


Reacting to the post, fans flooded the comment section talking about Katrina. One of them wrote, “In my eyes Katrina will always be the face of this brand and nobody can top that Period!” “It’s good but wo maza nai aaya jo Katrina ko dekh ke aata hai (it’s not as same as seeing katrina),” added another one. Someone else commented, “Woahhhh no more Katrina! End of an era.”

One more comment read, “Kiara is awesome, and we all love her but I can’t imagine Slice without Katrina Kaif, who has ruled this advertisement for years. Like MSD for CSK, Messi for Barca, Jetha Lal for TMKOC, similarly Kat for slice. It’s hard to imagine these things without them.” “I love Kiara but Katrina is next level,” opined yet another one.


On February 7, Kiara and Sidharth Malhotra exchanged vows at Jaisalmer’s Suryagarh Palace. Two wedding banquets were later arranged, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi.