Karthik Aryan’s face turns red wen asked about the fee hike in Shehzada in The Kapil Sharma Show

The new ‘Uncencrosed’ clip was released on Kapil Sharma YouTube channel that sees Kartjik Aryan blushing and turning red upon asked questions.

Comedian Kapil Sharma shared an ‘uncensored’ video from an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show that featured Karthik Aaryan along with the team of Dhamaka on Kapil’s YouTube channel. In the video, Kapil asks Karthik about the rumors that him taking a huge paycheck for Shehzada back home.

Kapil quipped, “Aapki Sachi Main fees Zyada Ho Gayi Hai Ya film Ka title Aaapne Dekha Shehzada(prince) Hai Toh Aapne Zyaada Maang Li(Did your remuneration really increase or did you just look at the title of the film and quote a higher fee)?To this, Karthik was seen blushing and replied, “Paaji Aisa Hota Toh Har picture Ka Naam Shehzada Rakhta Main(brother, if that was the case, I would call every film of mine Shehzada).”


In the next segment, the comedian Kapil Sharma asked Karthik Aryan to either confirm or deny the allegation that was made against him, hinting at the reference to Karthik’s exit from Dostana 2. Kapil asked, ‘There is an allegation on you that friendships are not to your liking, is this true’? To this, Karthik’s face once again turned red and said,’ No, this is false too’.

Back in April, it was reported that Karthik left Karan Johar miffed with his ‘unprofessional; behavior, which lead to his ouster from Dostana 2. After this, without confirming or denying the speculation, the Dharma Production seems to put out a statement that said that they will be recasting the film.