Karisma Kapoor is wearing the floppy beach hat from our 2014 Instagram days

Discover the resurgence of the iconic La Bomba hat by Jacquemus and its evolution from smaller versions popular on Instagram to the massive monochrome Raffia hat embraced by celebrities like Karisma Kapoor, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon. As luxury travelers rediscover this functional yet fashionable accessory, the Raffia hat takes center stage on runways, making a strong comeback in Jonathan Cohen’s latest collection and even gracing couture shows like Schiaparelli’s fall/winter 2022. Explore the timeless appeal of the Raffia hat, a versatile statement piece that transcends seasons and trends

The iconic La Bomba hat created by Jacquemus in 2017 was preceded by smaller versions of the hat that already existed on Instagram. These smaller hats were often seen lying flat by the pool or next to a cocktail. Recently, Karisma Kapoor shared photos from her beach vacation on Instagram, featuring a massive monochrome Raffia hat paired with a black kurta. As more celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Anushka Sharma, and Kriti Sanon, sport this functional and fashionable accent piece, the straw hat may make a comeback this year.

Although the Raffia hat has been a forgotten fashion accessory in recent years, it has been a popular item among luxury travelers. Moreover, it has never quite faded away from the public eye and has often been an important aspect of the runway. For instance, in Jonathan Cohen’s spring/summer 2024 collection, the accessory was paired with floral, summery dresses.

The hat has also been seen in an occasional exaggerated oversized form as a statement, such as in Schiaparelli’s fall/winter 2022 couture collection, where models wore sleeker, sophisticated versions of the hat in sharp contrast to the polished gowns. Christian Dior’s spring/summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection also featured the Raffia hat, with the stage and clothes complementing the color palette of the hat.