Karan Kundrra open up on breakup, said: “I am used to it, every relationship of mine has been scrutinized”

Karan Kundrra Amid Anusha Dandekar’s Comments: ‘Lots Of Heart Breaks, Broken Trusts Gave Me A Perspective.’

Karan Kundrra, who is one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 15, is frequently in the spotlight for his past relationship with Anusha Dandekar. Inquired as to why his previous relationship with Anusha keeps on being in the spotlight, Karan Kundrra told Hindustan Times, “It (the breakup) was almost two years ago  Every time a new project comes up, for some reason, it comes out. I have said whatever I had to say. I do not have anything else to say about it. You cannot extract anything new from me. Kitna khechoge usko bore nahi hue Abhi (Aren’t you bored of stretching it so much already)?”

Given the sort of environment that Bigg Boss house regularly supports, past connections will undoubtedly get uncovered. Discussing it, Karan said, “I am used to it, every relationship of mine has been scrutinized, Ab ye ho gaya andar to karenge hi na (I have been through this, they will scrutinize my relationships inside the house). They do not affect me. Of course, it affects my peace of mind but if I do not care for the person, I do not. But I understand what you say. The compact situation inside the Bigg Boss house can get on you. If somebody wants to irritate you, they will take up anything.”

Asked how hard it is to accomplish an attitude where one doesn’t respond forcefully to such turns of events, Karan said, “It takes a lot of dealing with situations like this. When you are younger, you get affected. When you are younger, you think money is happiness, your importance is your friends. Your public image is important. And then, something happens and you realize family is the most important. Your parents should be proud of you. You should make them happy. A lot of heartbreaks broken trusts have given me the perspective that you have got to choose what affects you and what does not, because it is a crazy life out there.”

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