Karan Johar wants to celebrate new years already! Twitterati joins him in revelry


Whenever you feel that the world has stopped for a while, head straight to Karan Johar’s profile. He is immensely innovative with his social media post. Be it putting out stories in which he expresses his feelings about sex, porn, relationships, regular stuff or sharing videos of two munchkin twins, his social media is worth stalking! Recently, the fashionable director put forth his thoughts of ‘celebrating New Years’ at the end of this month and the Twitterati in no time flooded the comment section. Everyone was in praise of the director and shared mutual feelings.

All those people who thought that this is their year, are regretting to even say so now! With the pandemic taking a toll on our lives, everyone wants to see this year coming to an end. Only if we have a magical spell to fast forward the happenings and skip the whole year. We also may never want to face another such year ever in future. So, when Karan tweeted this thought, everyone turned in to celebrate the year-end. Take a look –


People from industry, comedians and some journalists as well shared their feelings on his tweet. While Barkha Dutt said, “Be careful for what you wish for K”, Sacred Games actress Kubra already sent him heartfelt wishes on an imaginary New Years’ eve.

People also have a say in this tweet, let’s hear that out!


On a positive note, let us wish for this year to come to an end, where everyone is healthy, migrants’ plight resolved and everything back to normal. Let us hope for the best!