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Kangana reacts to ‘Selfiee’ movies failure calls it ‘Flop’

Kangana Ranuat again targeted filmmaker Karan Johar, Kangana target Karan’s new movie ‘Selfiee’. The movie stars Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi. The movie’s start has been disappointing, it has made around 2.25 crore. Kangana commented on the failure of the movie and even compared it to her movie ‘Dhaakad’. Selfiee is a remake of Malayalam movie ‘Driving License’

Kangana posted a series of story on her Instagram account, in her first story she wrote, “Karan Johar movie Selfie has hardly made 10 lakhs on the first day I don’t see even one trade or media person talk about it forget mocking or bullying him the way they harass me.” In the story, Kangana showed her disappointment on the fact that no one is mocking or bullying Akshay Kumar for giving a flop movie.

In the next story she re shared an article where Akshay Kumar was called ” Male version of Kangana Ranaut”, she reacted to the article and wrote, “I was looking for news about selfie flop I found all the news is about me. Yeh bhi meri hi galti hai (This is also my fault). Wah bhai Karan Johar wah.”

She re-shared various news articles which was about her reaction on Selfiee, and even called Karan Johar a ‘ Mafia’. In her stories she clearly expressed her disappointment on Karan Johar’s name not being mentioned on any news story. In her last story she wrote, “Web is full of hundreds of artciles where selfie failure is blamed on me and Akshay sir no mention of Karan Johar name at all, this is how mafia manipulated news and build perception that suits their narrative..”

It is not the first time that Kangana has targetted Karan Johar, she has been targetting him for few years now and looks like this will continue.

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