Kamaal R Khan challenges Mika Singh to release ‘KRK Kutta’ song, “Ek baar karde, fir dekh”

KRK, aka Kamaal R Khan, has issued a warning to singer Mika Singh, only one day before Mika is set to release his diss track against KRK.

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KRK made an appeal to singer Mika Singh a day before the release of his diss track on self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan. Mika supported Salman Khan in his defamation lawsuit against KRK, sparking a feud between the two.

On Wednesday, the singer shared a teaser for his song, titled #KRKKutta. Hours later KRK tweeted without naming anyone, “Itna Bhaunkta Kyon hai, Agar Aukaat Nahi Hai Song release Karne Ki (Why are you barking if you don’t have the guts to release the song)? Darr Mat, Bindaas Release Kar! Main Chahta Hoon Ki Tu Ek Baar song Release Karde! Fir Dekh (Don’t be scared, release the song. I want you to. But just wait and watch)!”

The rivalry began when Mika, in an interview with a paparazzi channel, said that Salman’s legal case had taken a long time and referred to KRK as a ‘gadha (donkey) and a ‘chuha’ (mouse). KRK responded by calling him a “chirkut singer” searching for publicity.

Mika has since confirmed the diss track, which he plans to release on June 11. In one video, which he published on social media, he can be seen standing outside KRK’s Mumbai home, which he claims is close to his studio.

Addressing KRK, Mika said in the video, “Dekh bhai, main tere ghar ke bahar khada hoon yahaan pe. Chaati chaudi kar ke khada hoon. Tu jahaan kahega, wahaan mil leta hoon. Tu saari umar mera beta hi rahega. Meri tere se koi ladai nahi hai (See, brother, I am standing outside your house with my head held high. I am ready to meet you wherever you want. You will always be my son. I have no enmity with you) because you are my son.”

While KRK claims that Salman’s lawsuit is in revenge for his poor review of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, Salman’s lawyers claim that it is in response to KRK’s charges of corruption against Salman.

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