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Julia Roberts celebrates her 53rd birthday by asking fans to vote

The Pretty Woman actress celebrated her 53rd birthday by urging fans to vote for the upcoming elections.


Actress Julia Roberts just turned 53 years old this Wednesday and took to Instagram to urge her fans to vote for this year’s American Presidential Elections. Instead of posting snapshots of celebrations and gifts, she posted a picture wearing a white “I AM A VOTER” T-shirt.

Roberts and her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, have found a way to influence the netizens and her fans about voting through fashion- they have started a clothing line which ranges from T-shirts and sweats with phone numbers of Senators from across the United States printed on them so that their constituents can contact their offices. All proceeds from this clothing line are for a COVID-19 relief fund, ‘Chic’s Relief’ (an auction made of off celebrity items) started by both Stewart and Roberts.

“I AM a Voter! Make sure you are too! #weareinthistogether #getyourjush #whenweallvote,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to vote,” quoted Roberts earlier on Tuesday, a revised version of her dialogue from her iconic romantic movie, “The Notting Hill”.


The Pretty Woman actress has been urging her fans to vote for the upcoming elections. She has been very active on Instagram persuading everybody to vote for a better government. She has transformed her account as a socio-political fashion feed where she uses all designer clothing which emphasises one major key word- “VOTE”.  America gets to vote from 3rd November.