‘Jai Bhim’: Prakash Jha faces controversy over slapping scene

Prakash Jha who slap the character for making him speak in Tamil rather than Hindi in the recent release, Jai Bhim, faces controversy over Twitter.

Recently released Tamil film ‘Jai Bhim’ provokes the Hindi-speaking audience after the scene where Prakash Raj is shown slapping a Hindi-speaking pawnbroker, asking him to speak in Tamil instead.

This scene followed a controversy among the audience who took to Twitter to talk about their displeasure with this one particular scene from the movie. They write how saddened they are after watching #JaiBhim and seeing the scene whereupon the character was slapped to speak in Tamil instead of Hindi and hope the production cuts that part. “Nothing against the film or the actors”, they further clear.


“Waiting for Tamil films, requesting those predictions to be broadcasted pan India and supporting them throughout, wanting nothing in return just love, and If not that, then at least not humiliation”, the audience gloom with the scene writes.

While this side of the audience takes on this controversial point, the other side tries to clarify how this scene didn’t particularly try to belittle the Hindi speaking audience, whereas this scene was necessary for the plot of the movie where the character tries to get away by speaking Hindi(so that Prakash Jha wouldn’t understand) and on getting in terms with this scheme, Prakash Jha slaps him to make him speak in Tamil than Hindi. This was all a necessary plot for the movie’s appropriate court scenes pieces of evidence. Tamil filmmakers are not against the Hindi language, writes one of the critics replying to the previous user.

Among this debate, there were people who were also venting out their ire on the police officer, played by Prakash Jha.