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Ibrahim Ali Khan spotted with a diary in his hand, is it a script?

As always Ibrahim Khan looked dashing but this time he had a diary in his hand, is he gearing up for his debut?

We all know how Ibrahim Ali Khan has a lot of affection for acting and sports. But this time the rumours are that he might make his debut in the film industry. The rumours sparked from the photos where today Ibrahim Ali Khan has been seen walking towards his car. It’s not a usual pic because this time he has a black journal in his hand. And fans are speculating that diary might be his script for his debut in the movie industry.

Image courtesy: pinkvilla.com



Ibrahim was spotted wearing black jeans pairing it with a white and black striped shirt on. He can be seen with safety precautions for COVID-19 as he is wearing a black mask. Ibrahim looked too busy because he didn’t pose for paparazzi and directly sat in the car.

On his Bollywood ambitions, his father Saif Ali Khan had earlier said, “If he wish to be in the industry, we are always there to support him.” It seems Ibrahim is on track to fulfil his father’s wishes. But gossip lovers know that acting is not the only field of interest of Ibrahim, he is also inclined towards sports with the same passion.

Earlier there was a buzz in the media that he might be taking sports as his profession but that seems a hoax because no confirmation has come yet. Currently, Ibrahim is focussing on modelling with big designers of B-Town Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. His sister Sara Ali Khan made her debut in 2018 with Kedarnath alongside Sushant Singh Rajput.