‘I want to bring all our film industries together and make Hollywood here’ – Rana Daggubati

When questioned on Nijam with Smitha if his family’s reputation will help him break into Hollywood, actor Rana Daggubati responded that he wants to establish Hollywood in India.

The most recent guests on the well-liked chat show Nijam with Smitha are the Telugu actors Rana Daggubati and Nani. Rana stated on the programme that his goal and purpose in the film industry is to unite all regional industries and deliver stories to the entire world.

A fan asked Rana, “How far do you think your platform…I mean your background will help in your journey to Hollywood?” The Baahubali actor said, “I got knowledge of 60-70 years of cinema which is documented and its data. That’s my knowledge. And I understand how cinema is built over here. I understand the failures of it. I understand how businesses fell, and there are some fixes to make them bigger and bigger. So, that’s been my job. My job is to make Hollywood in India where all the industries come together and all technologies come together and we will be bigger than that.”


Adding to that Nani praised Rana saying, “And India-wide the noise our films are making….one of the root causes for that is Rana. It all started there. (He) carried our films there. Showed them to all the big people around and said, ‘Please watch. This is what we are doing. It will be nice if you do like this’. The one who instigated this idea is Rana.”

At one point, Rana Daggubati added that he had foreseen the unification of regional film industries even before he made his Hindi feature debut with Dum Maaro Dum. “I said it nine years back. No one believed me. Now, that’s what’s happening. We are all in one place now,” he said.

Rana participated in three significant Telugu film releases last year: 1945, Bheemla Nayak, and Virata Parvam. This year, he will start his Netflix account with the Ray Donovan-inspired Indian series Rana Naidu. On March 10, the series will be made available on Netflix. Rana plays a fixer who assists Bollywood superstars with their troubles while also juggling his own problems. In the series, Rana’s uncle and Telugu actor Venkatesh plays his father.

SonyLIV is currently airing Nijam with Smitha chat show that stars Nani and Rana Daggubati.