“I shouldn’t be saying this, but…”: Shweta Tiwari reveals the truth behind her physical transformation

Shweta Tiwari reveals the truth behind her physical transformation. She feels fitness is a daily struggle. She reveals her fitness secrets. she says, she works out regularly to stay fit.

Shweta Tiwari is amongst one of the most popular actresses on the small screen. She became a household name. She, playing the role of Prerna in “Kasauti Zindagi Ki”. Since then the actress is slaying. The actress being the mother of two children has inspired many. Her physical transformation is the fitness mantra for all.

Her fitness has gained attention on social media. Shweta feels fitness is a daily struggle. ” It is lovely to hear compliments! But I don’t look like the way I am in those photos every day. I shouldn’t be saying this, but people need to know that it is not just a fit body but the lights, camera angle, and pose that also helps you look a certain way in photos. The truth is my abs are defined for two days and I am bloated for the next four,” the Bigg Boss season 4 winner told HT.

The actress added, ” Your body won’t be ripped always, it needs work every day. People want to attain a ripped body in two months, which is not possible. Daily workouts will give you results.”

She added, ” during the pandemic, we all realized the importance of fitness and staying fit. Even when we are at home, we need to keep moving. I do something or the other, be it jogging or walking or skipping at home. You should move your body every day. For me, fitness is not just abs, but overall health”.


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