Hollywood star Dave Bautista says his time in front of the camera is limited, wants to try his hand at directing ‘a small drama’

Hollywood actor Dave Bautista says directing a film has been his “goal for years” and he is gradually making moves to working behind the camera.

The 52-year-old adept wrestler-turned-actor, known for grandeur films like Guardians of the Galaxy and the recently released Army of the Dead, is looking forward to directing a “small drama”.


Asked about filmmaking, Dave told SFX magazine: “That’s kind of been my goal for years. I’m slowly working my way behind the camera. I’m in my 50s man – my time in front of the camera is going to be limited! But I love filmmaking.”

“And so I hope to have a future in this. I want to be able to put stuff on screen and not necessarily blockbuster films. It’s definitely on my bucket list to direct at least one film and it’ll most likely be a small drama. But that’s what I love.”

One of the reasons, the actor mentions, to come on board for the zombie heist film Army of the Dead was that he wanted to learn from director Zack Snyder.

“You look at me and you think one thing, but then you get to know me or see how passionate I am about certain things and you’ll see a whole different person. And that’s the same with Zack. He is just an artist.

“I also really wanted to work with him because I wanted to learn from him. I wanted to see what he sees visually as a director,” he added.