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Harbhajan Singh on a mission to rescue girls held captive in Oman


Cricketer turned politician Harbhajan Singh helped rescue a 21-year-old Kamaljit Kaur, who was held captive in Oman. Talking about the meeting he had with Kaur and the shocking details that she shared to him, Singh says, ” She was only there for a week and he refused to work. She was asked to go and clean the house. Usko khaana bhi ek time hi dete the but she refused to eat fearing they would have mixed something to it.”

He adds, “Smartly, she hid a phone and called her home and someone who know about the case, contacted me and we got in touch with the our people in the embassy.”

Singh says the kind of satisfaction he felt after helping the girl was unmatchable. “I was so grateful to the guy who told me about this girl, so that I could do something.”


Now, Singh is busy working with the embassy to get hold of the racket that’s operating from India, as a result of which approximately 130 other girls are stuck in Oman in the same condition as Singh.

Singh says it’s a long process to figure out the location of these girls and it will take some times. “But I am sure that the embassy is doing their best to find out. It might take longer than what we expect and I am in constant touch with the embassy.”

The ex-cricketer not only helped Singh come back to her home in India, but also saved her house, which the father had mortgaged to send his daughter to Oman for work. Singh shares, “He was losing the roof over his head. I remember how the girl had put on a strong front though out and I never saw a tear in her eye while talking about the entire episode. But when we got her the house back, she cried. She said mere abba ka ghar meri wajah se jaana nahi chaiye. Bahut mehnat se ek choti si chatt banaya tha’.”