Gehana Vasisth faces serious allegation in pornography case

According to recent reports by TOI, some serious allegations were levelled on actress Gehana Vasisth by victims in Raj Kundra’s pornography case.

Actress Gehana Vasisth was one of the accused in Raj Kundra’s pornography case. According to the recent reports by TOI, one of the victims, in this case, made some serious allegations against Gehana Vasisth in her statement. The victim alleged her for forcing into shooting obscene videos.

According to the report, the victim aged 20 years, said that she was offered a web series about a Queen by the casting director Naresh. She was then told by Gehana (director-producer of the series) that the film will be shot with her being fully clothed.

The victim revealed, “There she gave me scarves to wear, at the same time the three dwarves came in. One of the dwarves told me that they are waiting for me to turn 18 so that they could have physical relations with me. After saying that he started taking me to another room but when I refused to do so, Gehana threatened me and forcefully took me inside. After that, the 3 dwarves took off my clothes and had physical relations with me turn by turn. After this whole thing was shot, the dwarves left the room.”

When the victim refused to co-operate, Gehana threatened her. The victim said in her statement, “She (Gehana) told me that they had spent Rs 10 lakhs for the shoot of the series and if I left, I would have to pay them 10 lakhs compensation. I told her, I don’t have that kind of money.” Following which the guy named Akash entered the room and proceeded to have physical relations with the victim. The victim concludes, “Once the shoot was done the I pleaded to Gehana to let me go and then she threatened me and warned me to not speak about this shoot to anyone nor go to the police, or there would be dire consequences.”

Along with Gehana Vasisth, similar allegations were made by another victim on Rowa Khan.

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