Following the Money Heist 5 trend, Mumbai Police features as Khaki Studio playing the show’s theme song, Bella Ciao

Mumbai Police shared videos on social media where they played the Theme Song of Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel. Netflix Original Series, Money Heist 5 has finally been aired on Friday. Currently, only a few episodes of Money Heist 5 have arrived on Netflix while the rest dates would be announced later.


Mumbai Police is known for carrying out risky operations and removing the underworld from the city. But this time Mumbai Police is in the news for a musical performance given by them. Recently the worldwide hit series, Money Heist 5 aka La Case De Papel was released on Netflix. The show has an incomparable craze almost everywhere around the world. In Indian too, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari Money Money Heist has more fan following than many hit Bollywood films. Fans were waiting with folded hands for the finale season of the show for more than a year. Several memes, videos and pics from behind the scenes surfaced on social media which kept the hype building more and more.

But today Mumbai Police surprised everyone with their performance on the Theme Song of Money Heist. No one expected the stereotyped hardline Mumbai Police officers to become members of Khakhi Studio and playing musical instruments. Social media channels of Mumbai Police shared two videos featuring officers of Mumbai Police as Khaki Studio playing the melodious Bella Ciao. On Twitter, Mumbai Police shared video with caption, “Always trying not to miss out on detections nor on trends & tractions We’ll be here,never letting the season of safety end,while you race against time to finish this one #KhakiStudio planning to pull a #heist on your heart one more time with #BellaCiao,”

Look at the tweet of Mumbai Police:

On Instagram Mumbai Police’s post was captioned, “Bella Ciao | Khaki Studio | Mumbai Police Band | Money Heist For Mumbai!
Liked the trailer of #BellaCiao this morning? You will surely love the bigger picture!
Afterall, Khaki makes everything even better.”

Look at the Instagram post of Mumbai Police: