Farzi fame Bhuvan Arora to be a part of the much anticipated third installment of Mirzapur? – Deets inside

After sharing a photo with Ali Fazal, nicknamed Guddu Pandit of Mirzapur, fans began to speculate that Bhuvan Arora was a cast member.

Fans are impatiently awaiting the third season of the highly anticipated OTT action crime-thriller drama Mirzapur to begin streaming on Prime Video. Bhuvan Arora, who played the lead role in Farzi, recently published a photo on Instagram, sparking widespread rumours that he will be joining the cast.

Fans wonder if Bhuvan would be joining the cast of the eagerly anticipated third season after seeing him and Ali Faizal in the picture with the message, “Guddu Bhaiya Bolein Hain Train Pakad Ke Mirzapur aa jao.”



Thanks to its compelling plot, amazing cast, and standout performances, Mirzapur has been making waves in the world of Indian OTT series. The third season of Mirzapur will soon be released, and fans can’t wait to see what awaits their favourite characters.

Bhuvan Arora is no new to the world of OTT series; in the Shahid Kapoor-starring film Farzi, he gave a standout performance as Firoz. Audiences responded strongly to his portrayal of the empathetic lead character, further solidifying his image as a multifaceted performer.

Fans are buzzing with anticipation at the idea of Bhuvan Arora and Ali Faizal sharing screen time. Ali Faizal has received praise from critics and admiration from viewers. He is also a renowned actor with an outstanding list of roles in OTT series. In season three of Mirzapur, these two great actors’ partnership is nothing short of amazing.

Bhuvan Arora’s participation in the upcoming season hasn’t received any official confirmation, but the social media post has led to a lot of fan conjecture.

The eagerness among viewers to discover what Mirzapur season 3 has in store for them and its outstanding ensemble is evident.