Famous quotes by South Indian actor Suriya

We have gathered a list of famous quotes by South Indian actor Suriya.

Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya. He is an Actor and maker. Suriya for the most part works in the Telugu Cinema and is one of the most generously compensated South Indian entertainers. Suriya is known for his amazing jobs. He began his acting profession in 1997 with the film, Nerukku Ner. Suriya has worked in numerous blockbuster south Indian movies like Singham Trilogy and Ghajini. Suriya is hitched to co-star Jyothika.


Motivational & Inspirational Quotes of Suriya :


1. “Do your best and keep learning – that’s what I believe in.”

2. “As for Hollywood, there was an offer. But I declined to do it because of certain moral and ethical values.”

3. “From my side, I don’t put pressure on the director to cater to a certain image. I am happy to do different films, and I have to stick by my director. I like to completely surrender myself to the director – that way, I think, I don’t get to do the similar roles.”

4. “I had this inferiority complex as a child, as I was not good at speaking. I was also not good in studies or sports and would often flunk in four-five subjects.”

5. “I try and imagine myself in situations and figure out how I’d have reacted and responded to them, and then bring that insight into my acting. Much of acting is about borrowing from your real-life experiences.”

6. “When people leave the theatre, they should remember a line, a character, a sequence or emotion. With entertainment, I want to give meaningful cinema.”

7. “Sixty per cent of how you act is drawn from memories. And it’s about who you are. I am a son, brother, husband, father, and caretaker. You connect with certain instances and emotions.”

8. “I always make sure that every film of mine has some element of freshness to it.”

9. “When you act, you want to emote and think in that language. I don’t enjoy the process of doing a film in a language I am not good with.”

10. “My dad never had a bank balance of more than three lakh and was always extremely compassionate towards his producers.”