Famous actresses who became pregnant before they got married

Here is a list of the famous actresses who became pregnant before they got married, check out if you knew them.

Many a time we come across news about a celebrity getting married in a hurry and in a hush-hush setting. Sometimes it is just because we didn’t know they planned their wedding before and sometimes its because they are expecting the arrival of a new one. We will be talking about the latter one. We are talking about celebrities who got married in a hurry in order to simply cover the news of their pregnancy. However, when their little bundle of joy is born in merely a couple of months after marriage, it becomes quite clear as to why they got married in the first place. So, let us have a look at five such celebrities.

Check out these famous actresses who became pregnant before they got married.



This was one of the most controversial pregnancies and marriage stories in the B-town. The differences and coldness are still seen in the behavior of Arjun Kapoor towards his sisters. While Boney Kapoor was still married, Sridevi was pregnant with his baby and she accepted it publicly. They got married to each other when Sridevi was 7 months pregnant and gave birth to Jahnvi Kapoor.

Konkana Sen Sharma

Konkana and Ranveer were a romantic couple and their romance was seen on and off the scene as well. They got married to each other in 2010 in a private ceremony. Though their married raised many eyebrows, the news of her pregnancy was enough to prove why they got married. They welcomed their baby boy in 2011 and it was evident that he was born out of wedlock.


Sarika was at the peak of her career when she ran away from her house and started working independently. This is the time when she met Kamal and fell in love with him. They welcomed Shruti in the world and also their second daughter in the wedlock. They got married to each other after the birth of Akshara. Their 17-year long wedding ended but they did get married after she gave birth to her daughters, so she is the part of this list.

Celina Jaitely

Another name in the series is of Celina. She not only married her boyfriend, but she gave birth to not one but twins. She got married to her boyfriend in July of 2011 and gave birth to twins in March of 2012. Though people allege that she was pregnant while their wedding took place, she has always denied this.

Amrita Arora

The industry was not prepared for this one. Nobody knew about her so serious affair with Shakeel Ladak that there will be any marriage and suddenly they announced about their wedding. It did leave B-town a bit shocked, however, everything fell to its place when they announced their pregnancy after the wedding.

These were the famous actresses who got married because they were pregnant. Did you know about them or did we surprised you?