EXCLUSIVE: Vidyut Jammwal says, "I connect with raw power of earth" after immersing himself in an active MUD VOLCANO! | Business Upturn

EXCLUSIVE: Vidyut Jammwal says, “I connect with raw power of earth” after immersing himself in an active MUD VOLCANO!

Vidyut Jammwal, Bollywood’s action star, thrives on unconventional challenges.

Vidyut Jammwal, a name synonymous with action-packed Bollywood films, is not your typical actor. In his quest to connect with nature and explore the limits of the human body, Vidyut has been making headlines for his jaw-dropping stunts and adventures. Recently, he grabbed everyone’s attention by immersing himself in an active mud volcano, leaving his fans both awestruck and intrigued.

This isn’t the first time Vidyut has taken on an unconventional challenge. Previously, he spent nearly three hours burying himself in snow, showcasing his incredible determination and mental strength. Now, he’s ventured into an active mud volcano, defying conventional norms and embracing what some may consider extreme and dangerous.


Fans, captivated by his daring feats, have bestowed upon him various titles: “crazyyy,” “daredevil,” and even “modern yogi.” Vidyut himself explains that these seemingly outrageous endeavors are, in fact, a yogic kriya—a practice deeply rooted in the Indian tradition of martial arts. He sees these activities as a means of connecting with nature and unlocking the potential within himself.

Mud volcanoes, which are natural formations that result from subterranean imbalances, possess unique healing properties. They offer a distinct sensory experience, both for the body and the mind. Being submerged in a mud volcano is an encounter that defies description, as it thrusts the body into an environment it’s not accustomed to. The bubbling mud, emerging from the Earth’s depths, produces an eerie and intense sound that immerses those within the volcano in an otherworldly experience.

Talking about it, he says, “What people call doing crazy things , is actually a part of the Indian traditional yogic kriya which is deeply ingrained in the traditions of Indian martial arts. Nature has its own way of teaching, and by immersing myself in experiences like an active mud volcano, I connect with the raw power of the Earth. Mud volcanoes are not just bizarre geological formations; they hold profound healing properties. When you step into them, you’re entering a world your body and mind are not accustomed to. The deep, intense sound of the bubbling mud is like a primal heartbeat, reminding us of our connection to the Earth. It’s an experience that defies description; it’s a dance with the forces of nature, and it’s my way of pushing my own boundaries and discovering what lies beyond.”