EXCLUSIVE: Music, life and tips from grandmom Asha Bhosle amid the lockdown reveals Chin2 Bhosle

Music is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It sets the mood and evokes emotion. Life without music is lifeless. Music exists everywhere around you- the chirruping of birds, the sound of waves, the breeze moving leaves, typing on a keyboard, starting your car or washing utensils. 21 June is celebrated as World Music Day everywhere in the world. To celebrate this occasion Business Upturn had an exclusive interaction with musician Chin2 Bhosle where he expresses his love for music and shares his opinion on recent events.

According to Chin2, we do not require a special day to celebrate music as every day is music day. He says, “No, I don’t think music needs a special day. I don’t think fathers or mothers or love needs a special day to celebrate. All these special days just aid the marketing strategies of companies. If you live every day to the fullest doing what you love then you are celebrating life every day. Celebrate music every day. Be a good person every day.”


“I have not met anyone who doesn’t like music. Music and love are generic across every person on this planet… ” Chin2 added.

Chin2 Bhosle, other than being a musician and performer is also the Marketing and Content Head at the Furtados School of Music. Though the lockdown and restrictions due to the Coronavirus have paused everything in the world, Chin2 says, “My work has tripled! Apart from being an artist, writing songs and jamming with my band, A Band of Boys, at the Furtados School of Music we have launched lots of new curriculum and online teaching modules – for eg. like the ‘right brain’ creative online learning platform – FSMBuddy.com. We also have a whole new never-before-seen curriculum to teach Indian vocals in a fun way. Why you ask was this needed? Because the existing way of teaching Hindustani Classical music can be quite boring and daunting for the young learner. In today’s world of technology and less attention span to sit and hold one note, ‘Sa’, for 40 minutes would make 99.99% of your young learners run away!! So we’ve designed an engaging fun curriculum – today’s techniques with all the goodness of traditional concepts.”

“Our new Sangeet is Fun curriculum has backing tracks, western notation reading (so that they can also understand western musical notes and they can jam with western musicians), teaches song writing, singing with emotions, thaats and much much more – in a never done before, fun way!” he says excitedly.

“And now, with the shutting down of schools we have also embraced technology in a huge way. I was never a fan of teaching over video calls but now, we see the benefits – for eg. you can take digital notes and most importantly, you save on travel time,” he continues.

When asked about what do you think will change thanks to the current Covid restrictions he says, “Musicians sitting at homes are exploring avenues on how to jam together online and improving their skills. We get time to do ‘Riyaaz’ (vocal practice) and now we probably will see lots more live performances to a more intimate audience. I believe it’s going to be the next thing and I’m personally ecstatic about it and gearing up for the new future. I feel it this would be beautiful for the audience as I’ve personally experienced hearing legends like Bhimsen Joshi, Hari Haran and of course my grandmom Asha Bhosle from a distance of a few feet and have loved hearing their voice raw and pure – the way god intended it to be. Imagine if everyone gets access to this form of listening to their favourite artist!” he says with a positive outlook towards the lockdown.

Sonu Nigam recently posted a video where he claims the music industry is controlled by ‘Mafias’. Chin2 agrees with Sonu. He said, “Yes there is a ‘mafia’ – in every business – whether it is the land business or restaurant business or music business. There will always be people sitting on the top who will control the entry of smaller players. Essentially, when somebody controls something, directly or indirectly, the threat to push others out will exist and this is what we deem the ‘mafia’. But honestly it’s not such a bad word – it’s just reality.”

“There are big players in every industry and they will always have a majority sense of control. And if you want to do something or break in, you will need them more than they need you. Because you need them, they will tell you what to do and this gives them the power to manipulate you. Now the choice is yours, do you want to play the game their way or your way? Either you walk the path you want to irrespective of the risks involved or you side with the mafia for easy success or you take a middle path – the choice will always be yours” he concludes