Exclusive: Kinshuk Mahajan feels Independence and Freedom are two different things, says this year ‘We came to know the real meaning’

“Independence and Freedom are two different things”, says TV icon Kinshuk Mahajan, in an exclusive interview with BusinessUpturn.com

The country is celebrating its 74th year of independence today on the 15th August, ‘20. However, this time the things are different. Most of the Indian population are home bound and a partial lockdown is still in place.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught everyone a lot and people have begun introspecting. They have started realizing things that so long were complacent of. Therefore, even as Indians are actually shackled and confined within the four walls of their houses, the freedom fervor is still there and the patriotic spirit has not dampened one bit.

Like the rest of the country the TV and film industry too are celebrating the day with great pomp and splendour. We at BusinessUpturn.com, exclusively got in touch with one of the most celebrated TV actors Kinshuk Mahajan to know what he feels is independence at its core.

Kinshuk feels that the intrinsic meanings of freedom and independence are different. He quipped, “Being independent means, an individual can do things without depending on others, while freedom has a bigger boundary which does not have any restriction or rules.”

He further equated this year’s Independence Day amidst lockdown with PM Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ stand, “This year 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation, we got a new meaning to independence i.e. being ‘atmanirbhar’ and this year made us understand what freedom actually is especially because we are all locked down in our homes for 4 months now,” he said.

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