EXCLUSIVE: ‘If there is any foul play in Sushant’s case, justice should be brought to him and his family’, says Sudhanshu Pandey

Sudhanshu Pandey is an actor, model and singer. He has acted in various movies like Bypass Road, Kotigobba 3, Singh Is Kinng, Mande Suryudu, Indrajith and many more. He is currently playing the lead role in the Star Plus show called ‘Anupamma’.

Sudhanshu was a member of Band of Boys, formed in 2001, along with Karan Oberoi, Sherrin Varghese, Siddharth Haldipur and Chaitanya Bhosle which is also India ‘s First Boy Band.

The actor got into an exclusive conversation with us and opened up about the recent incident where his Instagram handle was hacked and later on deactivated. He further gave his opinion on the Sushant’s case, nepotism and the insider-outsider debate which is currently going on. Sudhanshu says, “You know, blaming just the industry is not the best thing to do, but the industry has a lot of nepotism for sure. But sometimes what happens is, people who are not emotionally very strong, they get affected by it and there are people like me who are strong from inside and who don’t want to give up, come what may.”


Tell us about the time when your Instagram handle was jeopardized and till the time you got it back. What exactly had happened?

So, I received this message on my Instagram DM. Normally, I don’t open my messages, but because it showed the Instagram logo and then I opened it. It had a proper Instagram address which belonged to California. It said that one of my posts had some copyright issues. Later, when I clicked on that given link and then I put my password, my account was gone. Then, I got in touch with somebody, who further put me in touch with someone in Facebook. I communicated them through the email in the morning time and by 9:30 PM, within 24 hours, I got my account back.

Talking about your show Anupamma, the fans are going crazy and the TRP charts of the show are hitting high. Is it difficult to shoot for the show during lockdown, especially when everything needs to be done as per COVID-19 guidelines?

No, I don’t think that it is difficult as there are lesser people on the sets and also the kind of precautions and safety measures our producer Mr. Rajan Shahi has taken, it’s absolutely safe. It is just the matter of getting used to the new ways of handling yourself everyday. 

How did the Lockdown treat you? How were you spending your days during the lockdown?

Well, 3 months with the family you know.. We started with the household chores like cleaning the house, jhaadu-pochcha, etc. Obviously, my wife was doing most of the work but me and both my sons contributed as much as possible. We don’t keep any servants at home and we didn’t call any maids even after everything was reopened because we did not want to take any chance. That’s how we spent the time, and yes we had a great time with each other. I mean spending time with the family is fantastic.

Are there any singing projects lined up? When are you planning to get back at singing?

Actually, before the lockdown I had signed up with an event management company as a solo singing artist. I also did one show, but unfortunately, this whole COVID-19 thing happened. Right, now the live show market is closed. As soon as the market opens up, I will be getting back with my live shows because that is something which I love doing the most.

Now that the Supreme Court has granted a CBI probe in Sushant’s case, what is your take on it? And do you feel that Rhea has some hand in this?

See, I would be silly to comment on this issue, since I am not even remotely related to all these things. I am only watching everything on various media channels as an audience. All I can say is justice should prevail. Whichever way it is, justice should prevail. Also, we have lost a very talented young actor and if there is any foul play, justice should be brought to him and his family.

What is your opinion on insider-outsider debate? Did you face any such issues since you had no backing in the industry and were there any such isntances where you had been replaced by some other well known actor?

See, I have never really paid attention to all these things. Although, there is nepotism in the industry, there is nepotism everywhere in every industry. You know, blaming just the industry is not the best thing to do, but definitely the industry has a lot of nepotism. But sometimes what happens is, people who are not emotionally very strong, get affected by it and there are people like me who are strong from inside and who don’t want to give up, come what may. I never thought about these things because then it starts to fester in your mind and then you become negative.  There is already so much of negativity around. So, it is better to sort of keep your head in place. Whether or not I get replaced by somebody, the other person from the industry gets a better chance than I do, I know my capabilities, I know my skills and I know that somehow I will make my way through. I will somehow create my brand name and as long as I keep my patience right, I will stay true to my art.

In terms of acting, what are your future projects that you are excited to work on?

Look, right now I am working on my show ‘Anupamma’ which airs on Star Plus. For sometime, I don’t think I want to focus on something else because this is a beautiful show and I am the hero of the show. By God’s grace everything related to the show  is going supremely well. So as long as possible, I make sure that I give everything to this and then we will look into other things.

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