Ed Sheeran spill the beans over his wife Cherry Seaborn and her wish to live without the 'public attention' | Business Upturn

Ed Sheeran spill the beans over his wife Cherry Seaborn and her wish to live without the ‘public attention’

‘Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All’, which was released earlier this week on Disney+ is a documentary series which revolves around the life of Singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician Ed Sheeran. Focusing on his professional life, the series also captured bits of his personal life, as his wife Cherry Seaborn was also captured in the documentary.

However, the documentary not only revealed more of Ed Sheeran as a person but his wife’s personality and lifestyle were also reflected by the series, as ever since after appearing in this series, Cheery is working hard to maintain her personal space, away from the social media and public eye.

The 32-year-old singer and the euphonious voice behind many hit songs such as, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Photograph’ and the mind behind the once record-breaking song ‘Shape Of You’, Ed Sheeran in his latest interview with The Elvis Duran Morning Show, talked a lot about his wife. He revealed that she is a very Hushed and private person. ‘Cherry sort of touches on it in the documentary, and we’ve talked about this a lot, whether we can close the door after we’ve opened it a little bit,” he continued, “She’s always been a private person. She’s never had a public Instagram. She’s never done a red carpet with me. We’ve always been super private. Our private life is our private life.”

Ed Sheeran further added, “I think it was, and this is how I got my parents to be in it as well, losing Jamal was one of these things that will always live with me,” he explained to Duran of why Seaborn, 30, participated in the series. “I think the thing that’s comforted me and Jamal has been pictures and footage and documentation of our relationship over the time that we knew each other.”

‘The Sum Of It All’ which also throws light upon the death of Ed Sheeran’s closest friend Jamal Edwards and the Cancer diagnosis of his wife Cherry Seaborn, is much appreciated by the singer-songwriter. Ed Sheeran revealed that he hopes The Sum of It All will have a positive impact on their daughters, Lyra Antarctica, 2½, and Jupiter, 1. “I think that for my kids to look back in 40 years and see their parents in love, going through life or their grandparents, I think there’s something in that’.

Talking about his documentary, Ed Sheeran stated, “What I didn’t want is like, ‘sad pop star does sad documentary and sad album.’ What I wanted was to do a sort of snapshot of grief and depression and have people connect it to their own feelings. The people that made the documentary for me, two of them lost their mothers whilst we were doing the documentary. They found the process cathartic by making it and watching it. I think it’s good.”