‘Divorce can be more painful than death’; actor Nitish Bharadwaj and his wife Smita filed for divorce

Nitish Bharadwaj believes in marriage although being ‘unlucky’ at his time

On Tuesday, Mahabharat’s Krishna, actor Nitish Bharadwaj dealt that he has filed for a divorce with his wife Smita. They have twin daughters who are currently staying with their mother Smita in Indore.

The couple has filed for divorce after 12 years of their marriage. It was reported that the two got separated in September 2019, and his former wife Smita who is an IAS officer, is momentarily living in Indore with their twin daughters. In a current interview with Bombay Times, Nitish Bharadwaj admitted to the aftermath and said that ‘divorce can be more painful than death’ sometimes.


The case has been filed in the Family Court in Mumbai and he clarified that he doesn’t want to get into the justifications for the divorce. “All I can say is that sometimes divorce can be more painful than death as you live with an amputated core,” stated Nitish.

Nitish and Smita’s courtship ended on a sad note but the Mahabharat actor calls himself a believer in marriage even though he was ‘unlucky’ as his marriage didn’t work out. “It’s the children who suffer the most when a family breaks down. So, the onus is on the parents to ensure that there’s minimum collateral damage that their children have to go through,” the actor added.

Nitish regardless hasn’t shared the details about his daughter like whether or not he is in touch with his daughters. When he was asked about this he said that he would like to ‘reserve his comments on that. The other news channels also reached out to him to get some updates but Nitish said he has “nothing more to add about this ordeal.”