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Devoleena Bhattacharjee says her husband is Muslim and he liked ‘The Kerala Story’

The Kerala Story got released on the 5th of May and it has become very controversial since its opening. Talking about the film, a girl took to Twitter and tweeted how she got separated from her boyfriend after watching it. The film directed by Sudipto Sen has become a matter of conflict and has aroused many religious disagreements.

Recently Devoleena Bhattacharjee watched the movie with her husband and tweeted on Twitter saying, “It’s not always like that. My husband is a Muslim and came with me to watch the movie and he appreciated it. He neither took it as an offence nor he felt it was against his religion. And I feel thats how every Indian should be like.”

The actress commented after the girl has stated her story saying, “My colleague’s friend Nidhi had an interfaith affair. She casually asked her boyfriend to watch Kerala Story. He not only refused but also abused her & accused her of being Islamophobic. She got scared & asked her bf why is he being so rude & how can she be Islamophobic when she is dating a Muslim. Her bf replied if she is not Islamophobic then she should convert to Islam & marry him.”

Further, the girl said, “She agreed. But, she still wanted to see the movie. So, she went to watch the movie with my friend. Right after the movie, she called her bf & broke up. This is the impact Kerala Story is having on society. This is why they want to ban the movie. Everybody is waking up.”

Devoleena Bhattacharjee got married to her gym trainer Shanawaz Shaikh in December 2022. She is exclusively known for her role in the Star Plus show Saath Nibhaaana Saathiya.

The Kerala Story rightfully shows how college-going girls in Kerala were brainwashed and converted to Islam and sent to Syria for ISIS. The film is currently banned in West Bengal and is not being broadcasted in theatres in Tamil Nadu.