Day 4 of libel case: Johnny Depp’s testimony ends with mention of Amber Heard’s history of substance abuse

The libel case filed by Hollywood actor Johnny Depp against a British tabloid newspaper entered day 4 on Friday. The case is related to a 2018 article in the tabloid newspaper that labelled the actor violent and abusive to his ex-wife Amber Heard. Whereas, the Caribbean actor Depp strongly denies the claims made in the article. Depp, the 57-year-old star, issued The Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers, and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, over an article Wootton wrote in April 2018 which tagged him as a “wife beater”.

The Hollywood actor Depp accused ex-wife Heard of lying about the abuses. He further claimed that it was Heard’s attempt to turn him from “Cinderella to Quasimodo” in the public eye. In all the four sessions, Depp has described his volatile relationship with his ex-wife, but strongly denies the accusations of raising his hand on Heard. Adding to the worries of the court, the actor accuses his ex-wife of compiling a dossier of fake claims and turning the incidents against him as an “insurance policy” and to portray him as a monster in front of the world.

The case has a compilation of 14 incidents, which accuses Depp of physical violence. On the fourth day of the hearing, The Sun’s lawyer, Wass narrated the incident of April 2016. The morning after Heard’s 30th birthday party in their Los Angeles penthouse, the couple fought and Depp was accused of throwing a magnum wine bottle at Heard, which the actor denies.

The fight was ignited when the couple found faeces on the bed, which Heard blamed on one of the couple’s Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, but Depp was convinced a person had done it and it was intentional. “It was not left by a three- or four-pound dog. I was convinced that it was either Ms Heard herself or one of her cohorts involved in leaving human feces on the bed,” he said.

The actor further added that in that very moment he realised that his marriage had sunk and couldn’t be saved anymore. “I wanted nothing to do with her,” Depp exclaimed in the courtroom. The lawyer also read a text message to the court, in which Depp wrote to Heard, “all my love and regrets … I wish you nothing but good.”

“That is what I felt,” he said. “I didn’t think there needed to be any poison at that time, because the bad part was over, which was the relationship, and now we just had to finish it,” Depp explained to the court.

However, the reports suggest that by June 2016, Depp’s condition worsened and he was taken over by his rage. It was in the same month Heard got a restraining order against him, by claiming that Depp threw a cellphone at her during an argument, which bruised her cheek. Depp denies this allegation.

In the further cross-examination it was revealed that in August same year, Depp sent a text to one of his associates that Heard was “begging for total global humiliation … She’s gonna get it.”
In another incident dated in December 2015, Wass that Depp in an uncontrollable rage trashed Heard’s wardrobe, slapped her, threw a decanter at her, pulled her by the hair and headbutted her, causing two black eyes.

Depp replied that Heard was the aggressor, and he had, at many times. tried to restrain her to stop her flailing and punching him. He further brought to light that he might have headbutted her, but only by accident. He dines causing Heard any injuries.

After the break, a short section took place related to sexual violation allegations in Friday’s hearing. The session was conducted in private, as requested by The Sun’s lawyers.

Towards the end of Depp’s testimony, his lawyer, David Sherborne, asked him about medical notes from August 2014 which contained Heard’s history of substance abuse, including an addiction to cocaine. Heard is attending the three-week trial and is scheduled to testify next week. The hearing is set to last for three weeks under the judge, Andrew Nicol.

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