Darshan Raval reveals how musicians create music when locked under a cage as in lockdown

Singing sensation Darshan Raval in an interview described his lockdown experiences. He also talked out how difficult it is to create music while living in a “cage” referring to the lockdown period.

Lockdown was a different experience for all of us, some of us enjoyed family together while many people had to face financial crises due to job loss and unfortunate incidents. Many feel that artistic people must have enjoyed lockdown because they get creative while living alone.

Singing sensation, Darshan Raval in his latest interview busted all such myths and shared how he felt he was living in a “cage” referring to lockdown. Darshan expressed how loneliness affected him, he stressed that creativity in loneliness comes only till a point. According to him, artists need to experience emotions before creating something new and that requires meeting new people and communicating with them.


Darshan said, “Music is a very pure emotion, which we invest in whatever songs we make. For an artistes to make a song, he needs to experience emotions, meet people, feel something. I think that has really taken a toll on mind.If the artistes are locked inside a cage (like everyone in this pandemic), he/ she can be creative but until a point of time. Then they have to go out to understand life, but we didn’t have any option. It is something we all are going through, not a particular person but the entire country and the world. We all are going through difficult times. All we can do is just hope and pray. As a singer all I can do is entertain people with good music.”

People took music as an option to ease stress in their life during the lockdown. Therefore, Darshan regularly received requests from fans of their favourite song. Darshan added, “Anything my fans say, it is never anything negative. The constant demand of songs and love they gave has somehow been my constant motivation. I am active on social media platforms, and they urge me, so I say ki kuchh naya banana padhega. It is completely opposite to pressure,”