Chunky Pandey talks about Ananya getting trolled on social media

Chunky Pandey opened up about his daughter Ananya facing constant troll on social media.

Actor Chunky Panday recently opened up about the trolling that his daughter, actress Ananya Panday has to face on social media. In conversation with ETimes, the actor said that initially, it was difficult for the family but later when they realized that trolling is not going to stop they embraced positivity.

Chunky Panday said, “Initially it was very upsetting and disturbing for all of us. But then I said, listen, girl, this is an app. It’s not a human being. Why are you having so many emotions? I mean, I know it’s a lot of people on it, but in the end, you can delete it anytime, you can go back to it anytime. So treat it that way, you know, but of course, it is disturbing for a parent or a person to read all these kinds of things. But as they say, it is nothing personal, only business (laughs). It’s going to be there forever, trolling is not going to stop.”


He added, “So, Ananya has started an initiative called so positive, to help kids to cope with it because there are a lot of young kids there who get trolled. It is not unique to my family or the film families, everyone gets trolled.”

Actress Ananya Panday made her Bollywood debut with the 2019 movie, Student of the Year 2. She has been a sensation for the younger generation and enjoys over 19 million followers on Instagram. Talking about social media, Chunky said, “You know, I actually feel bad for these kids because social media has great things too. Like, I mean, today you can put anything out there which you want. You don’t need a PRO to do it, or you don’t need to have the press coming and shooting a photograph. So those are the good things, but of course, privacy invasion and a lot of other things are what social media is notorious for.”