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BTS’s Jungkook features in Beyonce’s Virgo Season Yearbook

The BTS star has gotten the honour to feature in the Beyonce season yearbook alongside Prince Harry, Nick Jonas and more.


Beyonce recently shared her Virgo Season Yearbook on her website and left the BTS fandom jumping with joy as it included the famous K-pop band’s member Jungkook. The BTS member celebrates his 24th birthday on September 1 and was seen there along with other celebs such as Nick Jonas, Prince Harry who are also Virgos.

On Beyonce’s website, you will find a grid featuring black and white photos of celebrities that appear under the Yearbook. The collection has childhood photos of several stars who celebrate their birthdays in the Virgo season. There is exactly where an adorable snap of Jungkook now appears. The singer is in the company of other major celebrities including the Duke of Sussex and Nick Jonas. Among others, there are Hollywood stars such as Blake Lively, Zendaya, etc.

The Yearbook names some key qualities/traits of Virgos that fans will certainly recognize relating to these celebrities. The traits mentioned include, “Hard-working, creative, reliable, patient.”


The fans can’t help but wonder if a Beyonce x BTS collab lies in the near future as it was not long ago that we had learned about Beyonce being a fan of Jungkook’s ‘My Time’.  How exciting is this, let’s hope the speculation turns out to be true.