Bradley Cooper’s new neard is a nightmare fuel

Bradley Cooper’s recent public appearance in New York City has sparked quite a stir due to his peculiar new facial hair style. Photographed on June 10, 2024, Cooper was seen sporting what can be described as a partially shaved beard, featuring a bald patch under his chin, akin to a reserved soul patch. This distinctive look left many fans puzzled and even dismayed, with some speculating it could be a sign of a mid-life crisis or an unfortunate grooming choice.

Interestingly, just days before this sighting, Cooper was photographed with his usual full and lush facial hair while on a date with Gigi Hadid at a trendy restaurant in New York City. Reports suggested that the couple, despite some previous public scrutiny, appeared to be growing closer and more serious in their relationship.


However, considering Bradley Cooper’s history with facial hair transformations, it’s plausible that this new beard style is not a personal preference but rather for an upcoming film role. Cooper is known for adapting his appearance significantly for roles, such as growing a full beard and gaining weight for “American Sniper” in 2014 and sporting a rugged look for “A Star is Born” in 2018.

In the past, Cooper’s stylist, Natalia Bruschi, revealed that fan feedback often influences his grooming decisions. For instance, after “A Star is Born,” where he sported long hair and a beard, fans expressed a preference for that look over a clean-shaven one.

Furthermore, Cooper has previously discussed his evolving approach to appearance, indicating a willingness to adapt based on roles or personal comfort. His upcoming film “Is This Thing On?” could potentially explain the current beard style, although details about his role or character have not been disclosed publicly.

Ultimately, whether a deliberate choice for a role or a personal grooming experiment, Bradley Cooper’s beard continues to be a topic of curiosity and debate among fans and media alike, reflecting his versatility and commitment to his craft.