Bigg Boss 14: Roadies contestant Vikas Koher reveals Vikas Gupta asked him for sexual favours,”He wanted to see my body and private parts”

Bigg Boss 14’s Vikas Gupta asked Roadies 9 contestant Vikas Koher for nudes.


Giving an interview to Navbharat Times, Roadies 9 contestant Vikas Koher has claimed that Bigg Boss 14’s Vikas Gupta had earlier approached him for sexual favours for casting him on a show.

The Roadies contestant also accused Vikas Gupta of asking for his nudes earlier too. Vikas Koher stated, “After I won Roadies in the year 2012, many people asked me to get involved with them physically and one of them was Vikas Gupta, who had approached me to fulfil his sexual desire”.

Vikas Koher further added, “Vikas Gupta told me that he wanted to see my body and private parts. Gupta says that whoever will be close to him, he will be a star”.

Vikas Gupta entered the ongoing Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger. Even after his third entry in the show, he gets eliminated this weekend because of lowest vote count. Gupta has been in controversies for so many times. Recently Vikas Gupta blamed his parents for being after his properties and money.

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