Bell Bottom director on using cinematic liberties in the film : “I am not manipulating you to feel a high”

Ranjit M.Tewari the director of Bell Bottom says “I am not manipulating you to feel a high and
the film has no unnecessary scenes.”


Akshay Kumar is all set to arrive on cinema screens after a long time with his next film, Bell Bottom. The film will release on 19 August 2021 in both 3D and 2D. Bell Bottom is a spy thriller based on the plane hijack incident in the 1980s where Akshay plays the spy. In the trailer even former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi has been portrayed by Lara Dutta. Hence, the netizens started questioning the historical accuracy of the film and whether like Bollywood stereotypical films the script would be adjusted.

Replying to the questions regarding pushy and adding unnecessary scenes the director said, “We have been extremely responsible in writing that character. We didn’t think, ‘For cinematic liberty, let’s do this.’ We were sure where we were going with that. The CBFC has also passed it without any cuts. There was no requirement for us to get into a space where unnecessary questions and problems are created. There was no requirement in the script. All characters in the film have been dealt with maturity from our end.”

It is common for filmmakers to take cinematic liberties while portraying historical events as per their ideology. Reacting to this, he added, “I make films that come to my heart. So while making it, I didn’t think about chest thumping at all. There’s no manipulation. I am not manipulating you to feel a high. If the character is such, a moment is such that it requires a certain thing, it comes organically. If I have to show tricolour and it is required at that particular time, it will come organically.”

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